Little Life - Necklace (Rose Gold)

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Life is Precious

This amazingly beautiful little heart is a symbol of how precious and vulnerable life is. We were inspired to create this ring when we had Monty’s little heart scanned to help keep him healthy, and seeing his little heart beat reminded us of how fragile life actually is. Monty’s Mum wears one of these, and we have dedicated it to Monty. We invite you to dedicate yours to someone who brings great meaning into your life.

By getting this necklace you support the Monty Fund.
We are focused on helping cats in need by donating 10% of the income to cat shelters. In this case you will be feeding about 25 shelter cats by getting this necklace. Read more here

Finish: Scratched on the front, dull polished on the sides and back.
Material: Sterling Silver (925) plated with 14K rose gold. Nickel-free*
Size of pendant: w: 10mm, h: 9mm, d: 7mm.
Length of chain: 44-48cm (17.3"-18.9")

*The base of our jewelry contain traces of nickel which is between 0.005% and 0.088% of the total mass. 
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