Black Cats Earrings

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Mini panthers

Black cats are good luck! If you’re the lucky owner of a mini panther, or just love black cats, then these earrings are for you!

They are made of high quality oxidized sterling silver with gives them this nice black look but still remaining shiny. 

By getting these earrings you support the Monty Fund.
We are focused on helping cats in need by donating 10% of the income to cat shelters. In this case you will be feeding about 15 shelter cats by getting these earrings. Read more here

Finish: Polished
Material: Sterling Silver (925) plated with 14K gold Nickel free*
Size: H: 0.66" W: 0.47" (H: 17mm W: 12mm)

You will get a pair of rubber stoppers along with the earrings so that they will stay in place if you plan to be extra physically active.

*The base of our jewelry contain traces of nickel which is between 0.005% and 0.088% of the total mass. 
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