Delivery Info

We ship worldwide with tracking. So that no matter where you are you can always get some merchandise, some cat toys or a beautiful jewelry.
The delivery time may vary from 7-21 work days after we have fulfilled your order depending on your location on this planet. Below is some statistic to give you an idea of what to expect. 
We ship from our office in Denmark with love. 
USA, Canada, Australia : About 7-18 work days. Average delivery time is 14 work days. 
UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, The Nederlands, Denmark: About 2-8 work days. Average delivery time is 4 work days. 
Rest of Europe: We do not have enough data to do qualified statistics on delivery time. However, they are most likely to be 5-10 work days.
The rest of the world we do not have enough to base the statistics on. We will not guarantee that the delivery time will be less than 21 work days.