Black Cat Box

The Ultimate Black Cat Celebration!

Monty insisted on that we made something special to celebrate all the black cats of luck out there. So now you can get all the most purrfect black cat items without having to worry about finding them yourself. Plus you will save insanely 60% compared to if you got them separately! That is Monty happiness!

Contains 7 items:

Origami Cat Necklace: Before $40now $16

Purrfect Wallet: Vegan leather. Before $40 now $16

Black Cat Scarf:  Before $14 now $6

Fluffy Black Cat Hanger: Before $13 now $5

Wine Glass Marker: Before $13 now $5 

Black Kitty Bumper Sticker:  Before $5 now $2

Black Cat Pin: Before $9 now $4

By getting this box you support the Monty Fund.
We are focused on helping cats in need by donating 10% of the income to cat shelters. In this case you will be feeding about 20 shelter cats by getting this. Read more here


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