Monty and the Colors of Happiness Poster

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NOTE: Frame is NOT inclued 

This Amazing painting is telling an amazing story!

The German artist Inga Rausch had stopped painting since there no longer was a market for the real thing. People could get everything they wanted printed on canvas much cheaper and over time the appreciation for the real thing faded away. One day Inga saw Monty on Instagram an got inspired to start paining again. She found an old canvas in her basement on which there already was a painting of beautiful sunflowers. After a few weeks this fantastic painting of Monty was done and she tag Monty in it. We as Monty's parents was blown away by the colors and how she had just captured Monty's personality. We contacted her to ask if we could purchase the painting. However, she insisted on bringing it to Denmark herself and personally hand it over for free. So her and her husband arranged that their honeymoon should go to Denmark. Inga showed up on a beautiful sunny summer day and we had a great time. Actually Inga was afraid of cats but that changed completely just a few minutes after she had met Monty. After returning to Germany Inga started painting again with focus on famous internet animals. A few months after she got home she had so many painting that she booked a showroom in Berlin. It was a major success. Inga and her paintings are very popular today and you can see all of them and follow her on Instagram: @rausch.inga. 

We are so proud that Monty inspired her to start painting again with such success. Monty really has the power of reaching and moving people around him.

Paper: 170g silk 

Size: 19.7" x  27.5" [50 cm x 70 cm]

By getting a postcard you support the Monty Fund.
We are focused on helping cats in need by donating 10% of the income to cat shelters. Read more here

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