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On the top of the World

Have you ever seen a kitty sitting by the window, watching the world outside? It is almost like you can feel the self confidence that they radiate from their small furry bodies. They are very clearly on top of the world, and we know that they want you to join them. These kitty earrings are inspired by majestic posture and we hope that it reminds you to believe in yourself as the mighty kitty that you are!

By getting these earrings you support the Monty Fund.
We are focused on helping cats in need by donating 10% of the income to cat shelters. In this case you will be feeding about 15 shelter cats by getting these earrings. Read more here

Finish: Polished
Material: Sterling Silver (925) plated with rhodium. Nickel free* - Rhodium, which is a platinium metal, makes the ring shine bright and enhances the silver's natural look.
Size: H: 0.33" W: 0.23" (H: 8.4mm W: 6.0mm)

*The base of our jewelry contain traces of nickel which is between 0.005% and 0.088% of the total mass. 
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