Cat food!

July 03, 2016

What brand of cat food do you give your cat? Is wet food good for your cat and have you ever checked your cat's food for sugar? And what's up with wheat in cat food??

Monty was eating Urinary dry and wet food from brands Royal Canin and Katovit for his sensitive bladder. However, we had to change his diet completely when we found out about Monty's beginning kidney issues. This diet is called Renal and is both wet and dry food from Royal Canin.

What brand are you feeding your cat?

Have you ever checked the ingredient lists on the back of your cats food? Do they contain sugar? I am not here to tell you what you should feed your cat, but I highly suggest (like any vet would do) not to give your cat any sugar, at least not in their main food. Ask yourself this, what would my cat eat in nature? Mouse, birds, insects etc. Not sugar! Sugar makes your blood sugar rise like crazy and then makes you go all tired again. That is how your day goes when you constantly eat sugar in the rare form, and cats don't need that! It can mess up their blood sugar, make them overweight and even get diabetes. I bet you want to go check out the ingredient list on your cat food right now, am I right? :) Just go, I'll stay here...

What's up with wheat in cat food? I was of the understanding that cat food shouldn't contain wheat as well as sugar. I asked Monty's vet about it, since there is wheat in Royal Canin Renal. She gave me this answer: "Cats eat mice, mice eat wheat!" And that was good enough for me. :)

Wet Food vs dry food (kibble)

Water is one of the most important things for your cat's health. However, many cats don’t drink enough water. Wet food contains a lot of water, just like there is water in meat and meat is what cats would and will eat in nature. Water is good for you and also good for your cat(s). If your cat doesn't like wet food, you can try adding water to your cat’s dry food to increase its moisture content. You may need to start slowly — adding only a little bit of water at first and then gradually increasing as your cat becomes accustomed to the change. Never try to force your cat to change diet! Go slow and remember that a cat that refuses to eat for any reason can develop a serious liver complication known as fatty liver disease. So again, go slow..
Dry food is also good for your cat because they get to use their teeth a little bit when (or if) they chew their food. If your cat doesn't like to chew his/her food, gently look at the gum to see if how his gum looks. If it's really red or even bleeding, you need to make an appointment with the vet to get it checked out. Many cats suffer in silence so it is really important to check the teeth and gums.
Monty went to visit his dentist a couple of months ago and on an xray the vet could see that two of his front teeth had to go. He was actually in pain, but he didn't tell us...

My little tooth 

I know I must sound like a crazy concerned cat-dad, but better safe than sorry! You want your cat to have a good painfree life, right? :) 

So tell me in the comment section, what do you feed your cat(s)?

Happiness Michael & Monty

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